Hispano Round Table de Nuevo México  

The HRT meets every 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM  | César Chávez Community Center 7505 Kathryn SE (Kathryn & Louisiana)

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Executive Board Members
Ralph Arellanes, Chairman, Hispano Roundtable of NM
Juan José Peña, HRT Executive Vice-Chairman
Chuck Montaño
, HRT Executive Vice-Chair for Northern New Mexico
Joe Mondragón, HRT Executive Vice-Chair for Southern New Mexico
Jim Arellanes, HRT Treasurer
Dr. Sandra Rodriquez, HRT Secretary

Advisory Board Members
Healthcare & Wellness - Ralph Arellanes Jr. & Andres Arellanes (Anatomic Fitness Group)
Housing - Al Valdez
Veteran's Affairs - Juan Jose Pena & Dr. Miguel Encinias
Legislative Affairs - Jim Arellanes
Homeless & Poverty - Dr. Sandra Rodriquez & Patricia Manzanares-Gonzales
Business & Economic Development - Steve Becerra
Land Grant & Acequias - Professor M. Garcia y Griego & Dr. Henry Casso
Civil Rights - Ralph Arellanes
Education - Dr. Lawrence Roybal, Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, & Dr. Sandra Rodriquez
Annual Legislative Dinner - Jim & Lupe Arellanes
Media Point of Contact - Ralph Arellanes
Website Development - Marcella Arellanes


HRT Scholarship
HRT Essay Contest
HRT 10 Point Education Plan
Hispanos divided over war
Contact List
Position on Bilingual Education
Land Grants
Southwest Voter Registration
Historias Paralelas [LoC]
Nat'l Council de la Raza
Memo to Dems
Raza Directory

HRT is the recipient of the 2004 MALSA Fighting for Justice Award

NM Department of Hispano Affairs
Parity in Education & Employment
Civil Rights & Human Rights Advocacy

PO Box 27298 Alburquerque,  Nuevo México 87125         E-mail the HRT