Hispano Round Table de Nuevo México


Let the Mission Statement of the New Mexico Hispano Round Table reflect that this Organization advocates:

  • 1. Parity for Hispanos equal to our numbers and percentages of the population of the State of New Mexico at all levels and in all sectors, public and private.
  • 2. The defense of civil and human rights of all Hispanos of the State of New Mexico.
  • 3. Elimination of and opposition to discrimination against New Mexican Hispanos in hiring, retention and promotion in all sectors, public and private.
  • 4. Promote the achievement of excellence for all Hispanos in education and in all sectors, public and private.
  • 5. Promotion of the language, history, culture, arts, crafts, music and values of the New Mexican Hispano.
  • 6. The support, promotion and advancement of New Mexican Hispano elected officials who support, advance and promote the well-being and improvement of the status of New Mexico's Hispanos.
  • 7. The recognition, support, encouragement and praise of excellence and achievement by New Mexico's Hispanos.
  • 8. Instilling pride in our people, heritage, military heritage, veterans, language, culture, achievements and sacrifices of New Mexico's Hispanos, especially among our youth, who need to know about our history, heritage and heroes.
  • 9. Promote positive and productive attitudes and efforts to achieve great accomplishments and development to their full potential among New Mexico's Hispano population, especially among its youth.
  • 10. Promote a diversity of productive fields of study and careers for New Mexican Hispanos, especially in the mathematics and the sciences and especially among our youth.
  • 11. Promote parity and full, equal and appropriate representation of New Mexico's Hispanos in Congress in the House and Representatives and Senate, in the Governor's Office, in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the government of the United States and of New Mexico, in all state boards and commissions, in the universities, community colleges, technical and vocational and public schools and in all of New Mexico's public institutions at all levels, especially at the President, Director and Professional levels as well as in middle management.
  • 12. The development of communication links, cooperation and understanding among all of New Mexico's Hispanos and Hispano organizations and with Hispanos nationally and internationally and with other ethnic groups and organizations to promote the well-being and full development of New Mexico's Hispanos and of the residents of New Mexico in general.
  • 13. Create opportunities for New Mexican Hispanos through effective grass roots advocacy and education to promote the hiring, retention and advancement of New Mexico's Hispanos in all of New Mexico's public and private institutions to reach parity equal to our numbers and percentages of the population of the state of New Mexico.
  • 14. Promote efforts to bring about unity and parity for all New Mexico's Hispanos to eliminate the poverty, hunger, inordinately high dropout rates, destructive gang activity, inordinately high incarceration rates, drug addiction, homelessness, illiteracy, discrimination, exclusion and the many ills which afflict the Hispano community of New Mexico.
  • 15. Utilization of Affirmative Action and any and all other remedies required to bring about parity and equality for New Mexico's Hispanos to bring us into full representation by stressing promoting and advocating for the hiring of New Mexican Hispanos at all level and in all sectors of employment, public and private.
  • 16. Promote and support bilingual education and the learning and use of the Spanish language, one of the official languages of the State of New Mexico, in the public schools, universities and public institutions, as provided for in the Constitution of the State of New Mexico, to develop educated native speaker proficiency in the Spanish and English languages for all Hispano students in the state of New Mexico. Support the use of the Spanish language for all examinations and public documents, wherever feasible and not harmful to the public safety and welfare, for the benefit of non English Speaking residents of New Mexico to facilitate their full participation as citizens of the State of New Mexico and of the United States.
  • 17. Promote the economic Development of the State of New Mexico and of our poorest Hispano communities in the barrios of the state's largest cities and towns and in our villages and rural communities from the mountains of northern New Mexico to the colonias of southern New Mexico and all of the impoverished Hispano towns, villages, rural communities and ranches in between within the borders of our state. We will promote economic development so that our Indohispano youth and their parents will not have to leave their ancestral homelands to find employment or lose their homes, farms, ranches, etc. to outside speculators and gentrification.

    We will promote the use of our youth and their brainpower, talents and education to improve the lot of our people in their own communities through homegrown industries and entrepreneurship as well as by attracting appropriate industries to the impoverished Hispano communities and rural areas of our state and ancestral homelands to even up the development and to even the playing field with the Río Grande Corridor and the Anglo population in the State of New Mexico.

  • 18. Work to raise the overall status of New Mexico's Hispanos and the State of New Mexico from last place in all of the good social indicators and first place in all of the bad social indicators to the upper strata of human well being in the United States and the world.

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